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7th Inning Stretch Contest

"Montage Video"


This link shows an on-premise activation that creates viral marketing distribution. The hook is a contest where people sing “Take me Out to the Ballgame” for the chance to win the honor and privilege of actually singing during a live major league baseball game during the seventh inning stretch. Submissions were garnered online, as well as on-premise. Please see the website for reference.

7th Inning Stretch Contest


We internally created this website to host viral content and user-generated submissions. It literally shows a “best-of” montage, top clip picks, but also houses EVERY performance to maximize folks’ ability to access and share content virally. The project is a raging success, repeated for the second year with efforts and momentum to make it a national campaign.

Budweiser Made In America



Received permission to share, although a little late. Jay-Z’s Roc Nation throws a music festival with a lineup that rivals Coachella or Lollapalooza, but has no brand recognition. We were tasked with creating local awareness. Our solution: a 30-city tour where similar acts perform. Resident millennials of age were invited to a free concert with dozens of experiential activities, all that garner content for local and eventually national commercials, and immediately-relevant social media presence. Although the program cost $7 million, the social media analytics show that Anheuser Busch paid 0.01 cents per social media impression, divided by the entire cost of the program – raging success! In addition to garnering street credibility from tens of thousands of millennials authoring content shared to their friends where they literally endorse the product, it also boosted awareness from below zero to significantly measurable amounts in every city where the event/contest was held. Each event chose at least one winner that got to go to the Philadelphia music festival – their story was covered by news and other lifestyle/popular media.

BMIA Malibu Viewing Party



Folks who did not win the all-expenses paid cross-country trip to the music festival were offered a consolation prize – a viewing party at an exclusive Malibu ranch where they got to see Beyoncé perform “live” simulcast on a one-of-a-kind hydroshield. We are the only source for renting hydroshields in the United States. We own six of them.



We produce this website and exclusively provide all the content – producing, writing, directing, production, post production, distribution. We’ve been doing it for 11 years ;-) besides YouTube, the JAMA report is distributed nationally to every local news station in the country.

Society of Gynecologic Oncology



Since its inception, companies like Yahoo and WebMD trust Big Shoulders as their production partner to capture and distribute live events. Here’s a recent example we did for WebMD. If you check out Yahoo Fantasy football or baseball, all the content from Chicago showcases our production prowess.


"Location Data Collection"


To help confirm and prove ROI of the experiential events we throw, we became masters of Geofencing to help create media galleries and analytics regarding viral social media distribution.


"Facebook LIVE"


It started with Periscope but today it’s trendy enough for Facebook. Agencies like Leo Burnett and brands like Marshalls rely on Big Shoulders’ production acumen to flawlessly execute live events, collecting mountains of data.

ABC Transportation



A small example of how we help companies showcase only their positive online reviews using SEO techniques, we’re able to ensure that when a consumer searches online for reviews in a certain category, in addition to getting the normal review sites like Yelp, highly positioned in the search results will be a video that only showcases one company’s most positive reviews.


"Wig Giveaway"


to help with the production of an event that collects donated human hair for women with cancer. Folks could go online and choose a wig they most likely could not afford, and now have a chance to own. The website helps collect donations as well as activate the giveaway. This can easily be a community outreach agenda/activation.